Hot air balloon rising in the distance across a river in the Mara Plains of the Masai Mara by The Arc Light

Discover Kenya

Join us on safari as we traverse the Kenyan landscape. See first hand how this journey puts us on the path of immensely talented individuals and inspires us to create products that incorporate different aspects of vast cultures.

Our journey line forms a winding path that meanders, slows us down and forces us to observe and to learn. In nature, lines are blended together to create intricate shapes and designs that highlight the incredible richness of nature and the startling simplicity in the patterns that twist, turn, warp and evolve all around us. At The Arc Light, we draw on color, lines, shapes, and other elements to enhance beauty, simplicity and utility and to create the flow that defines the various aspects of our products.  

So allow us to indulge your little caffeinated heart with the finest delicious Kenyan coffee…savor the taste and take in the deep aroma of freshly ground coffee. Take part in the full experience: from harvesting the sun ripened cherry berries, to drying and roasting the beans and finally brewing that heavenly drink. Make it iced because the adventure beckons and our journey has just began. We head deeper into the motherland, alongside the rising and falling landscape, chasing the horizon, painted lush green and earthy brown, finally catching up with the sunset at the mouth of a Maasai village, our home for the night. Take your seat, centerstage under the starlit sky, keep warm by the open fire while you savor a feast like none other. A live dance performance leaves you enchanted when motion comes alive in the sway of a headdress, the rattle of sequins, the flutter of fabrics and the swirl of beads. In the distance, the roar of a lion is drowned by chants, ululations and the rhythmic beat of drums. 

A sea of pink as far out as the eye can see, takes flight in one fluid motion, bending with the wind, as flamingoes effortlessly take flight and fill the air. The thrill of the chase sees us jump into a hot air ballon to take in the view from above. Hills dot the expansive landscape, a quilted patchwork of fields in shades of browns and greens, testament to changing seasons. A gentle wind steers us towards a low-lying mountain, its imposing crater, yearning to be explored. But it was just a tease, a relief for others, as a westerly wind charts our course elsewhere. We are surrounded by the stripes, spots and patterns of the animals of the land in their natural habitat at the Maasai Mara, home to one of the wonders of the modern world.

Back on land, southbound and several kilometers later, we find ourselves in coastal Kenya. With the backdrop of the expansive sea, and blessed with pleasant weather, we embrace beachside vibes, lounge under palm trees, soak up the sun, bury our toes in the sand and fall under the trance of all things nautical. Night falls with the sails and a slow current carries us out into the open seas. Under a dark sky, and kept warm by a gentle sea breeze, the anchor drops just in time to sample the catch of the day, spread out in the most tantalizing of displays - the highlight of our dinner on a dhow. This is our creative journey. Video coming soon!

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