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The Arc Light

African Olivewood Pinch Bowl Set of 3

African Olivewood Pinch Bowl Set of 3

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Meet our Pinch bowls and the new home to your trinkets, jewelry or any of your small items that need organization.

These palm-sized bowls can be used to hold your coins or loose change and can even be used as dip bowls. They are perfect for portioning out your condiments, candies, nuts, small or dried fruits or any snacks of your fancy. These cute and versatile bowls are guaranteed to come in handy in any or all of your living spaces! The bowls are hand carved and their rims are accented using fabric offcuts.

Small bowls strewn on the path of a mindful snacker illuminate the steps that lead towards a more organized personal space.    -African Proverb (don’t look it up)

We ship our Pinch Bowls in sturdy and presentable packaging boxes, making them  ideal as a gift item for your family and friends.

We love watching cooking shows, and one thing we noticed was that chefs use and swear by wooden utensils! Plastic and silicone appear to have a major flaw - when brand new, they can be cleaned in a dishwasher or sterilized by soaking in soap or bleach. But if they become scratched, those scratches can harbor bacteria which is nearly impossible to remove! The antibacterial ability of wood comes from cellulose and naturally occurring oils. Under normal use, good wooden utensils will last for decades. Check out the Care Instructions section to learn how to care for your product. 

The Pinch Bowls are sold as a set of 3.

Materials: Wood, Fabric 

Pinch Bowl Dimensions: Approximately 3 inches, diameter. 

Packaged Product Weight: Approx. 550 grams (1.25 pounds)

Packaged Product Dimensions: 4.5  X 4.5 X 2.5 inches (LWH)

Due to the unique properties of wood, and because each product is hand crafted, the color, shape, size, grain pattern and fabric pattern of each product may vary. We hope you’ll embrace these slight variations as part of the product’s charm. 

Learn more about the materials, Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and ingredients used in the production of The Arc Light products. 


Handcrafted with Love in Kenya!



Care Instructions

To care for, and to prolong the life of your product, we recommend hand washing with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid soaking or using boiling water as high temperatures may cause the wood to expand and split. After cleaning, pat-dry with a towel and leave to air-dry. Every few weeks, offer some tender care and love by treating the exposed parts of the wood with a food-safe oil of your choice. To do this, simply rub in a small amount of oil with a soft cloth across the exposed wood surfaces to seal the wood grain. This will condition the wood, bring out the grain and give the products that nice and rich polished look. If you are worried that your wooden utensil might have been exposed to bacteria, rub it with juice from a fresh lime and air dry it for a week or so. Then give it a light sanding and then condition with an appropriate food-safe oil.

The products are not dishwasher safe!

Packaging Information

Seeking to optimize packaging design, each of The Arc Light's products are presented in hassle-free packaging without compromising on functionality and aesthetics. The external layout is design-light and minimalistic. An insert may be included to separate products. This protects the artwork and prevents damage since products may press against each other. To prevent play, products may be secured to the insert using jute twine, PE foam or elastic bands. Product details and care instructions are printed on the inside flap or on the back. The entire carton packaging box is bio-compostable. 

The Arc Light ships in Kraft pouches. Bio-compostable carton boxes and bio-compostable Kraft tape made using plant-based glue is used for shipments that require cartons.


We ship domestically using G4S or your preferred local courier. We use USPS Priority Mail to ship across the United States. Please allow 2-4 business days We also ship internationally, please email us for assistance on your shipping quote.

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